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The Worry Knot - Dove and Crow - ODDIO Records

All songs by Michael Hughes

Produced, recorded, and mixed by John Wagoner for ODDIO Records


The Worry Knot (ODDIO Records, ORTWK101)
Dove and Crow

Dove and Crow is the follow-up EP to "Under Trees" from The Worry Knot. This collection of seven new songs is a palette full of low-angling suns, long shadows, existential loneliness, whispers, and feedback. Consider it a soundtrack to an Edward Hopper painting. Heart and sweat went into every part of this record including the handmade packaging which makes every one unique.


Josa Step - Pearls - ODDIO Records

All songs written and performed by Josa Step

Produced by John Wagoner for ODDIO Records


Josa Step (ODDIO Records, ORJS102)

Produced by John Wagoner, "Pearls" is the first release by Josa Step with ODDIO Records. The CD has 11 tracks of all original music -- with the emotionally charged "Hope", acoustic "Falling Down", and the epic "Saving Us From Me".


All songs by Chris Johnston

Produced by Jonathan Smith for ODDIO Records


Godhead Disciple (ODDIO Records, ORGHD101)
Beautiful Feet

Beautiful Feet is Godhead Disciple’s debut record released by ODDIO Records. Produced by up-and-coming producer Jonathan Smith and written by lead singer Chris Johnston, the CD embodies the struggle of God and humanity with sound and voice. The record starts with ‘The Key’ and finishes with ‘It Away’. Stowed here is Godhead Disciple’s first single ‘Mouse in a Box’ promoted by Kyle Fenton from Lifehouse and FFH.



The Worry Knot - Under Trees - ODDIO Records

All songs by Michael Hughes except "Requiescat" and "The End," music by Emma Fredsdotter Petersson, lyrics from the poems of the same name by Oscar Wilde and D.H.Lawrence

Produced by John Wagoner for ODDIO Records.


The Worry Knot (ODDIO Records, ORTWK100)
Under Trees

Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, and Nick Cave were playing cards in the back room. Buk came in drunk and shooting off his mouth. Mike was in the kitchen playing guitar for the appliances. Eventually, he had some songs. The fridge buzzed.

Like that friend who always seems so sad, like the long shadows at the day's end, or the leaves rustling in an Indian summer breeze, this collection of 12 songs will stir feelings of longing for those things unreachable.

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Dive - Barely Breathing - ODDIO Records

All songs by Adam Bell and John Wagoner, except "Rain Keeps Falling" written by Michael Hughes

Produced by John Wagoner for ODDIO Records


Dive (ODDIO/Pneuma Records, ORDVE100)
Barely Breathing

John Wagoner, Jennifer Bell, and Adam Bell make up the Dive band. Their music is progressive and inspirational with influences from Steven Curtis Chapman and Jars of Clay. Their new record, "Barely Breathing" features 12 new songs.


One Less Tear

Produced by Chuck Navasky and Dale Russell for Radio Records, Nashville, TN.


One Less Tear (Radio Records, RRQ5000)
Brothers & Sisters United in the Fight Against Cancer

One Less Tear is a project to have one less tear shed due to cancer. The project represents one's plight against cancer and the mixing of talents from virtually every facet of life. Created and produced by Chuck Navasky with Dale Russell (The Guess Who), One Less Tear will prove to provide hope and inspiration in all of our lives.

Proceeds from the sale of the One Less Tear album will be donated in equal amounts to these cancer research and medical organizations: Children's Health Environmental Coalition, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.

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